Saturday, November 21, 2009

SAFF championship 2009 fixture

Here is the fixture of SAFF Championship for League Stages. Nepal will start its game on Dec 5 with defending champion Maldives.

Dec 4: Sri Lanka v Pakistan 4:00pm, Bangladesh v Bhutan 6:45pm*
Dec 5: Maldives v Nepal 4:00pm, India v Afghanistan 6:45pm
Dec 6: Sri Lanka v Bhutan 4:00pm, Bangladesh v Pakistan 6:45pm
Dec 7: Maldives v Afghanistan 4:00pm, India v Nepal 6:45pm
Dec 8: Pakistan v Bhutan 4:00pm, Bangladesh v Sri Lanka 6:45pm
Dec 9: Afghanistan v Nepal 4:00pm, Maldives v India 6:45pm

(*: Bangladesh standard Time)

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  1. it will be better if you update which teams had gone for the semi final