Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nepathya live concert in Seoul

(Sept 21, Tue)It was my first ever experience with Nepathya band in a live concert and I was totally captivated by the performance of the band. No one in the audience could stop dancing with the beats of Nepathya's music and I was not the exception though I am reticent to dance. The performance of Amrit gurung, the head of the band member was awesome. The crescendo of the concert rose to a higher level with every number he performed. He sang around 15 songs that day continuously, but till the end his energy level was same. He also sang few numbers of his recently released album "Aaina Jhyaal". I specially liked ", "palla gharka", "Jogale huncha bheta" and "Siranma photo cha" . Iam still humming the melodies of the songs. Enjoy the short clips of the songs in youtube.

Great experience in Carribean bay

(Sept 18,Sat)It was the unique thrilling experience in the Carribean Bay, one of the largest water park in the world which has also recieved "must-see waterpark" award (source:Wikipedia).Lucky us, the day was a bright sunny day, a perfect day for the water sports. There were impressive array of watergames and I almost enjoyed all of them.

Artificially generated sea waves was one of the attraction of the Caribbean bay. It was a thrilliing experience with the gigantic waves that looked real. There you feel like you are in the middle of the sea and the mightier waves were going to engulf you. No need to worry, life jacket pulled me up with waves, great experience. Another game, that I liked was the tower boomerang. The experience of zero-gravity when the raft went up about 10m almost vertically and then rapidly fell was adventourous. Other games were also equally exciting.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nepali movie "Gautam Buddha" budget 8 crore NRs

One of the news published on has stated that the animation movie named "Gautam Buddha" has the budget of 8 crore NRs. If it is true then this would be the most expensive movie ever in Nepali film industry. The movie directed by one of the established directors, Tulshi Ghimire, has told that this movie is targeted to international aduiences and will be translated into 13 different languages. The directors has claimed that it will be a jaw dropping movie.
Click on this link to read the news..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New hopes for Nepali movie industry

Nepalese movie industry surely taking some bold steps to change the pattern of movie. The usual dialogue delivery, fight scenes is now no more in nepali blockbusters. This is a good sign for making our movie industry international one.With the success of movies like My first love and kohi mero,Dasdhunga yet more movies are on pipeline that seem to be conspicuous one. They are baato muni ko phool, Batch no. 16, Goodbye kathmandu, to name a few. Enjoy the trailers of these movies.