Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nepathya live concert in Seoul

(Sept 21, Tue)It was my first ever experience with Nepathya band in a live concert and I was totally captivated by the performance of the band. No one in the audience could stop dancing with the beats of Nepathya's music and I was not the exception though I am reticent to dance. The performance of Amrit gurung, the head of the band member was awesome. The crescendo of the concert rose to a higher level with every number he performed. He sang around 15 songs that day continuously, but till the end his energy level was same. He also sang few numbers of his recently released album "Aaina Jhyaal". I specially liked ", "palla gharka", "Jogale huncha bheta" and "Siranma photo cha" . Iam still humming the melodies of the songs. Enjoy the short clips of the songs in youtube.

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